Equine America


Who Are Equine America?:

Equine America UK is a global leader in the equine performance and wellbeing supplement industry. Their extensive range of targeted nutritional supplements and external products combine tradition with scientific research to provide innovative products to support optimum health and performance.

Equine America – Their History:

Equine America UK is a traditional, family run business, founded in 1997 by Phil and Julie Middleton and now run by their son, Lee. Wishing to maintain the trusted image of the Equine America brand, whilst moving it into the 21st century, Lee brought on board world-leading equine nutritionist Deborah Lucas MSc.Eq.S., CBiol., R.Nutr. in 2018 and moved all production from the US to the UK. Deborah is now instrumental in the design and formulation of all Equine America products, from the original Cortaflex® to an extensive range of highly effective supplements and external applications for horses, dogs, cats and people.

The Equine America Difference:

All Equine America products are manufactured in the UK, in food industry standard factories, using only the freshest, most innovative and effective ingredients available from approved suppliers. They use state of the art, unique, fingerprint laser quality testing on every single ingredient to ensure a uniform strength and quality along with an exclusive mixing process to ensure that each scoop contains equal amounts of active ingredients. Their BETA NOPS and UFAS accreditations reassure customers that the are doing their best to ensure their products are free from prohibited substances. Equine America also comply with the regulations administered by the UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the Food Standards Agency

Do Their Products Work?

You bet they do!! With our own string of 12 ponies and 2 horses, each coming with their own nutritional wants and needs, we know only too well just how valuable a good supplement can be. We’ve only ever used Equine America products, as they do exactly what they say they will on the box. We’ve tried others, but they just don’t work as well. This is why we only use, and work with, Equine America, and the wonderful team that make our ponies and horses lives just that little bit better. 

Where can you buy Equine America Products?

Like most things in life, you can buy direct on-line in a simple ‘shop format’. They deliver across the country, and they deliver when they say they will, which is always a blessing.

To shop online at:  www.equine-america.co.uk/collections/for-your-horse

Or search for your local distributer at: www.equine-america.co.uk/pages/distributors