LeMieux – From humble beginnings

Robert Lemieux became involved in the equestrian world as an event rider, competing at Olympic and World Championship level for Great Britain and later for Canada. He retired from professional riding after a serious injury but continued to compete up to Badminton 2004.

Robert and his wife Lisa started Horse Health in 2003, selling supplements from a van, and continued to grow the business until they launched the LeMieux brand in 2006 when they identified a need for quality lambskin saddle pads and set about making their own range. “We really wanted to make equipment that was innovative, well-made but above all, affordable.” This is the philosophy they still pursue today.

Why LeMieux 

With the most wide ranging line of products in the equine industry, as well as a constant desire to expand into new areas for its demanding clients, LeMieux simply lead the way in our equine world. 

And, while the products are exceptional value for money, the customer care behind their products is second to none. Nothing ever seems too much trouble and you can rest at ease knowing that if you do order the wrong thing, the customer care team will be there to assist you, (we know only too well from personal experience).  

Where can you buy LeMieux products?

Like most things in life these days, you can buy direct on-line in a simple ‘shop format’, or if you want to support local business, you can use their comprehensive group of independent stockists. 

Shop direct at:  www.lemieuxproducts.com

Find your local stockist at: www.lemieuxproducts.com/storefinder