New STX 3.5t Horsetrucks

3 Seat Chest Bar

Even our ‘entry level’ STX 2 horse 3 seater isn’t your normal entry level horsebox. In fact, it’s exceptional build quality, style, and comfort will have you knowing you’ve arrived in something rather special every time you go out.

5 Seat Chest Bar

For those who need just that little bit of extra room in the front, as well as the back, our 5 seat cabins give total flexibility, space, and comfort. They also come with a handy through locker under the rear seats.

3 Seat Stallion

Our most popular 3.5t horsebox, the Stallion configuration exudes quality and safety from every single nut and bolt. Keeping ‘the boys’ apart and safe in the back of your horsebox has never been so easy.

5 Seat Stallion

The ultimate in 3.5t horseboxes. Combining the flexibility of the 5 seat cabin, and the Stallion configuration in the rear, means your ready for any eventuality. Arrive at your next event in the best 3.5t horsebox out there !!