New STX Trailers

STX Exclusive Trailer

Modern design, refined lines and spacious interior, the STX Exclusive Trailer combines elegance and comfort. With 2 to 3 horses, the STX Exclusive offers you an all-included living area in luxurious equipment. Without the living area, it can accommodate a maximum of 4 horses in optimum comfort and safety.

STX Heavy Trailer

The STX Heavy Trailer is full of qualities. A robust construction, a recognizable design, a luxurious suite and all-included equipment to ensure the best comfort for you and your horses during travels. The STX Heavy will accommodate a maximum of 6 horses, without a living area. The living area and push-up option are available for up to 4 horses.

STX Living Trailer

The luxurious STX Living Trailer is designed to serve to its best abilities. It’s top-quality materials and innovative interior together with leather seats, flat screen TV and equipped bathroom will make your travelling even more enjoyable. Create an elegant and practical living space by choosing from various options that ensures the best comfort you can ask for. The choice is yours!

STX Grooms Suite

Modern, robust and ingenious, the STX Groom Suite will surprise you with its many qualities. The pleasant living area and the functional kitchen and bathroom equipment will make this unique trailer, a companion that will bring you all the comfort you need during your travels. Adopt it, it’s designed just for you!

STX Stud Trailer

The STX Stud Trailer is perfect for transporting young horses, stallions or a mare with foal. Closed and padded, the partition walls ensure optimum safety for your horses. Robust and admirable, the STX Exclusive will offer you comfort and efficiency on your next trip

STX Carrier Trailer

The STX Carrier is the newest addition to the STX trailer collection. Looking for that extra bit of storage space for tours or longer trips? Then this trailer is perfect for you. It comfortably fits or STX large or small tackboxes, as well as any additional necessities you require for your trip. This trailer only requires a B driving licence due to it being built out of lightweight materials and only weighing 750kgs.