Eventus Bedding

Eventus Bedding

Eventus Bedding, making our life easier

With 12 horses and ponies at our house, we know a thing or two about bedding. Like most people, we’ve tried all sorts, (normally the cheapest on the shelf), but we’ve now stuck to Eventus Grade A* with Eucalyptus and Citronella. The ponies and horses seem to absolutely love it. Low dust and smelling fab, it does seem to also keep the flies away in the summer. We wouldn’t use anything else from here on in, and we’ve recommended it to everyone we possibly can. 

The Eventus Philosophy. 

Inherent in Eventus philosophy is a commitment to the sustainability of both woodland and forest and throughout our entire trading operations we practice the most responsible environmental policies. We have strict due diligence procedures, including our responsible purchasing policy which is necessary to not only meet the UK Timber Regulations but also to meet our own internal targets.

In addition we are a supplier of FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Mix Credit products, license code FSC-C020375. We operate a Chain of Custody system which is audited annually by BMTrada. To find out more about choosing to buy FSC® visit their website https://www.fsc-uk.org/why-choose-fsc.27.html.

Where can you buy Eventus Bedding?

Like most things in life, you can buy direct on-line in a simple ‘shop format’. They deliver across the country, and they deliver when they say they will, which is always a blessing.

To visit the Eventus website, please just click the link below.  You’ll never go back to the old stuff !!