When compromise is not an option, our safe, stylish, and functional trucks

are your first and last choice within the UK, and across the globe

Safe, Sturdy, and Affordable

STX 3.5t Two Horse

The iconic STX 2 Horses won’t stop surprising you. Always combining STX 2 Horses safety and performance, this model has everything you need to for your travels. Available in standard or double cabin versions, as well as chest bar or stallion layout.

The Ultimate 5 Horse

New 19t Quantum

Exclusive to STX-UK, the all new UK Spec RHD 19t Quantum is ideally equipped to navigate the tighter roads within the UK, while giving you enough room to carry 5 horses, and sleep 6 people in luxury.

Luxury Horse Travel, Redefined

STX 26t Horsetrucks

Surely the ultimate in luxury horse transport and stay away living. Innovative, yet classic, these trucks will not only get you anywhere you want to go in style, but they’ll also turn heads when you get there.

Affordable safety and security without compromise

AKX 3.5t Horsetrucks

Functional, efficient and comfortable, the AKX 2 Horses will satisfy you on your next trips. Safety being a primordial element for the transport of your horse, the AKX 2 Horses makes it a point of honor to offer optimal safety for a trip, in complete peace of mind for you and your horse. It will become your new indispensable partner for travelling with complete serenity.

The ultimate 26t workhorse

AKX 26t Horsetrucks

With perfect ergonomics, optimum comfort and innovative technology, the AKX Mercedes Actros L ensures a safe means of transport for your horses and a pleasant travel for you. With its 510 HP, it transports 5 to 8 horses and offers a comfortable living room for the passengers. Your AKX will soon become your indispensable companion.

Trailering along

Grooms Pod & Trailers

Whether your towing your horses and their tack, all your hay and shavings, or you’re looking to give your groom luxury accommodation, these flexible and versatile STX trailers will accommodate all your needs, and more.

Safe, secure, and mobile

STX Tack Lockers

Everyone knows the struggle of fitting every single piece of equipment in the truck before the show. Both of our tack boxes fit into all models of our large horseboxes and we have developed a new extra option for our STX 2 Horses

Bespoke Horsebox Finance

Finance Application

With exclusive Private and Company PCP offers across the entire STX range, we’re sure to find the right truck for you at the right price. Simply click to apply for finance or find out what it all costs. Start your bespoke finance journey into your dream horsebox today, and don’t just dream it, drive it.

A sensible price for your car

Part Exchange your Horsebox

Got an older horsebox? Want to know what its’ worth? Would you like to trade it in and put all, or part, of it’s value towards a fabulous new STX horsebox? Simply complete our online part exchange for and we’ll come back to you with a part exchange price.

Total peace from mind from day one

Two Years Free Equine Rescue

In combination with the fabulous team at Equine Rescue Services, all new STX and AKX trucks from STX-UK now come with two years free equine and tyre rescue.

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