Equine Rescue Services


Equine Rescue Services Mission

Their mission is to provide specialist horsebox breakdown cover of the highest standard. Whether you drive a horsebox or tow a horse trailer, Equine Rescue Services provide the best breakdown cover in the industry.

Their core responsibility is to ensure the welfare of you and your horses in a breakdown emergency, 24 hours a day. Their experience spans over a decade of successful roadside rescues. They get thousands of breakdowns back on the road quickly each year, with the expertise of their nationwide support networks.

Customer Service

From your first contact with Equine Rescue Services, they offer you the highest standards of customer service. From their superb membership team, to their dedicated and experienced incident managers, they focus entirely on providing unrivaled standards of assistance. When you ring them, you’ll always get through to a real person and what’s more, a real person will keep you informed of progress if you happen to break down!

Nationwide Mechanical Network

Roadside mechanical rescue and recovery is provided by FMG, the UK’s leading provider of incident management and specialist recovery services. FMG manages over 140,000 HGV and LGV breakdowns every year, and supports the efficient flow of traffic on Britain’s major road network by operating as the National Vehicle Recovery Manager on behalf of National Highways. FMG’s network of vehicle recovery partners has achieved market-leading standards, including PAS43, the industry’s exacting standard for safe working and best practice at the roadside.

Approved Equine Transporters

Equine Rescue Services has a nationwide network of horse transporters, including many of the top professional and national transporters in the industry. All are required to meet minimum DEFRA and DVSA regulations.

Tyre Specialists

Equine Rescue Services has built a longstanding relationship with Infleet Tyres Ltd, a specialist national tyre breakdown organization, and together we have created a unique understanding of your needs as horsebox or trailer owners.


As a member, you’ll receive continued personal service from professionals who truly understand equestrian matters, having supported over 30,000 horseboxes and horse trailers. Equine Rescue Services operates from the heart of the rural community in Dorset and receives continual endorsement from equine professionals including Mary King, William Fox Pitt and Joe Stockdale.

Find Equine Rescue Services online at:  www.equinerescue.co.uk

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