New STX 19t Quantum

Meet The STX 19t Quantum Horsetruck

Designed especially for the UK’s narrower roads and smaller arena car parks, this New STX 19t Quantum Horsebox gives you all the normal luxuries of the STX range, but in a more compact and focused design. Losing the normal STX side ramp allows for extra saddle and tack storage in two side lockers. Adding an addition rear door, means you don’t walk the UK mud into your lovely living. Simple, but effective changes that make a whole bunch of sense.

Luxury As Standard

Like every STX horsebox, the New STX Quantum comes with all the standard luxuries you’d expect. With its large over cab double bed, large living pop-out, grooms double bed pop-up, air-conditioning, and choice of stunning interiors, this UK Spec 19t horsebox will take on all that you throw at it, while keeping you cozy and warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months, as well as carrying your precious cargo safe and sound regardless of the distance to the next show.

Powerful Scania P420 Chassis

Crafted for optimum power and performance, the Scania P420 combines comfort and maneuverability. Equipped with front and rear air suspension, you can level up regardless of the terrain. With its stunning engine and inteligent auto gearbox, this king of the road carries up to 5 horses effortlessly, giving you the best possible comfort for you and your horses.

Quantum Exterior Features:

Large living pop-out

Grooms bed pop-up

Rear grooms door

Large under floor tack locker with dual access

Rear locker with 70l freezer unit

Victron 5000 charger with 4 leisure batteries

Full aluminium side panels (not planks)

Auto seeking Sky Satellite dish

Solar Panels on the roof

A choice of metallic colours and interior trims