STX-UK Junior Team

STX-UK BS TEam picture

Introducing our STX-UK BS Junior Team:

With a history of supporting some the best showjumpers on the planet, it seems only sensible to support our young talent here in the UK too. To that end, we would like to introduce our STX-UK BS Junior team for 2024/25

Alfie Diaper: 

One of the brightest, and most polite, young men on the BS Junior circuit, we are proud to have Alfie onboard.

Hard working, and capable, we have watched Alfie progress really well over the past few years. With a calm and patient way about him, Alfie makes most heights look simple, regardless of what he is riding.

With his parents, Helen and Wayne, by his side, Alfie is sure to be one to watch as we move forward.

Hollie Gerken:

Hollie needs no real introduction. Multiple HOYS winner, Hollie is a bright spark, with a calm seat, and a kind nature.

From ponies to horses, Hollie can seemingly ride pretty much anything. A strong work ethic, and polite nature means she makes the STX-UK BS Junior team with ease.

With mum Jade, and trainer Paul, behind her, she will grow and go from strength to strength over the coming years

Raffy Dawson:

The youngest part of our team, Raffy rides way beyond her years. Another HOYS winner, Raffy works hard to do the very best she can, at whatever height she is jumping.

With a calm and polite way about her, she represents the sport in the best way. Supported by mum Karan and dad Myles, she has a very bright future in the sport, and is a pleasure to have onboard

Kirstin Robbins:

Our very own, horse mad, junior showjumper. With several GP wins at POYS, and multiple BS and PC National title wins under her belt, she is a powerhouse within our own Team Robbins team.

With her last year on ponies this year, Kirstin will progress to our senior team next year, and we look forward to following her progress onto horses (where she already has one CoH win under her belt at the Coomblands Summer Prem)

Follow our riders:

You can follow our STX-UK team riders on social media at the following links

Alfie Diaper:

On Facebook: Alfie Diaper Showjumping

On Instagram:  Alfie Diaper Showjumping

Hollie Gerken:

On Facebook: Hollie Gerken Showjumping

On Instagram:  Hollie Gerken Showjumping

Raffy Dawson:

On Facebook: Raffy Dawson Showjumping

On Instagram:  Raffy Dawson Showjumping

Kirstin Robbins:

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On Instagram:  Kirstin Robbins Showjumping